Exploring Greece: Paros

Day 1: Arriving in Paros

I didn’t have any specific expectations when arriving in Paros, but the island proved to be more beautiful and traditional than I had imagined. Paros stayed true to its blue and white fixtures, flowery walkways and clear waters.

After a drive through the mountains to Naoussa, we arrived at a welcoming boutique hotel, where each room had red-painted doors and a bright blue pool glowed in the center of the suites. Our room featured a balcony and a view of the beach in the distance.

Night 1: Exploring the Old Town

On our first night, we walked to the old town and ventured around its local shops and restaurants. Because it was night, the walkways were glowing with lights from each storefront, candles on dinner tables and lights dispersed in the trees above us. We sat down for a Greek dinner, tried new fruity drinks at an outdoor bar and ended the night with dark chocolate ice cream.

Outfit of the night:

Day 2, Part 1: Boating to Kolimpithres Beach

Although the coast was visible from our hotel, we only had one beach day to spare in Paros and wanted to spend it at the beautiful, but rocky, Kolimpithres. This beach is boarded by large granite rocks that have been sculpted by the sea and wind over time. In order to get to this beach, we had to take a boat from the old town.

Day 2, Part 2: Shopping and Sunset Dinner

We left the beach early so that we could explore the old town in the daylight, and it was beyond worth it. Seeing the white and blue buildings with cobblestone walkways gave a traditional Greek feel to the town.

We spent the day jewelry shopping and walking along the coastline where dinner tables were lined up with amazing views of the water. We decided to dine at a seafood restaurant by the dock at sunset.

Outfit of the day:

Day 3: Back on the Boat!

We enjoyed a complimentary buffet breakfast at the hotel for our last morning in Paros. It was hard saying goodbye to an island so beautiful, but we knew there was more to see, and each island surpassed the last. We packed up our stuff, headed back to the port and caught a ferry to Mykonos.


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