Denim Lookbook

Over the last few months, I’ve developed a new slightly expensive, but very stylish, obsession: denim.

Especially denim-on-denim (sorry, not sorry). This may be considered a fashion crime, but I love it.

Ask any of your friends what color denim jacket to wear when you’re wearing jeans. If you are wearing blue jeans, they may say to wear a gray or black denim jacket. If you are wearing black jeans, they will give you the OK for a blue denim jacket.

It’s not often you’ll hear them tell you to match blue denim with blue denim. That’s so— Britney Spears (which, BTW, was 20 years ago).

The Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake look at the 2001 American Music Awards inspired my Halloween outfit. And yes, to this day I regret not wearing a denim jacket to complete the look.

The top is an original rework by a store that no longer exists called The Reworks. I found it shopping at a flea market in Brooklyn, and I’ll forever wish I bought more before it closed. Below is my favorite denim jacket from the same shop.

The back of the jacket is a combination of pockets from different sets of jeans. Another denim jacket I love is this white and blue one from Forever 21.

If you couldn’t tell, mismatched pieces are always my favorite.

For one-colored pieces, I prefer to accessorize more in an effort to make the look stand out. Lately, I’ve been digging up old bags and shoes from the back of my closet for this purpose. I got this matching Michael Kors leopard shoes and purse set back in middle school (let’s not forget I am a junior in college now). Although I love the cut flare at the bottom of these jeans, the accessories help make a statement and stand out from the simple light blue look.

Um, back to the middle school comment, that must have been eight years ago (how?!). To answer your question, I am only five feet tall, so yes, they still fit.

Moving on, let me tell you my new favorite place to shop denim: Revice.

Now let me show you why.

Above I am wearing the Ex-boyfriend Harlow Wash Jeans. Click here to shop it!

I styled this look with a mini black Prada bag, black Timberlands and a black shirt.

Above I am wearing the Gemini Crossroads jeans. Click here to shop it!

I styled this look with a white shirt, a Louis Vuitton bag, the I Am Gia Caramel Pixie Coat and Michael Kors shoes.

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