Attending a Katy Perry Press Conference

Hi everyone!

As you can tell by the title, I have some exciting news: I attended a press conference with Katy Perry!!

The Fit magazine, a magazine I recently co-founded, was invited to this press conference by Universal Music Group to hear all the details on Katy Perry’s new album “Smile.”

Now to answer the big question: Did I talk to Katy Perry directly?!

I wish, but no. I mean… this is Katy Perry. It’s not that simple.

Questions were submitted in advance and a moderator from Universal Music Group asked them for us, but I was on Zoom with Katy Perry, and that is something I will never live down.

I also received access to her album art and select songs from the album a month before its release.

So yes, you can definitely say that 10-year-old me blasting “Teenage Dream” and “California Gurls” in my room was starstruck.

It’s so crazy to think that less than three months after creating The Fit, our team was approached with this opportunity. I am so proud of the progress our team has made and so grateful to have been able to represent The Fit at the conference.

Here’s a quick preview of the article “Katy Perry Talks About All Things “Smile,” Adulting and Empowerment.” Go read the rest for a full Q&A and everything she had to say about her new album.

We all remember the carefree days of “Teenage Dream” and “California Gurls”— you know, with our daisy dukes and bikinis on top, of course. Stunned by Katy Perry’s cupcake bras and blue hair, her confidence ran wild, inspiring young people everywhere.

As Perry transitioned into her adult life, her music transformed to focus on a new kind of empowerment with a refined focus on the rights of women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Her new album “Smile” touches on turning points in not only her music career, but her life. Following a period of relationship troubles and depression, when Perry did not care for the next day to come, she is now experiencing a time of light and joy as she brings new life into this world. The songs in this album capture how to overcome challenges, reassuring listeners that after tough times, there will always be a reason to smile again.

The Fit Magazine was invited to a Universal Music Group press conference with the one and only Katy Perry to hear everything she had to say about her new album. We got the inside scoop on all things Perry, including which song took her the most courage to write, as well as the power she hopes to exude to her fans.

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