OOTD: Fire Island Lighthouse Look

For this look, I wore the Gauze Lace-Trim Dress from Forever 21 in the color tomato.

Yes, I got this dress from Forever 21. Whenever I say that, I feel like I’m back in high school because that’s the last place I hear anyone shops at anymore. But to be honest with you, and as you must have noticed in my last few outfit posts, I never stopped shopping there. I’ve been buying dresses and rompers from Forever 21 for years, and to this day I receive the best compliments on them. Although the store may be facing a decline, as it was forced to transition to online-only retail, the styles of its pieces continue to grab my attention. This store has such cute dresses with great quality for affordable prices!

Location: Fire Island Lighthouse off the southern coast of Long Island, New York

The area was so beautiful, I wish I knew about it when I was in high school. I spent most of my time off-roading on the other end of the island, that I never took time to park and explore back then. Although I don’t spend most of my time on Long Island anymore, I will continue to visit this spot when I return. I won’t take for granted that I live so close. It’s definitely a hidden gem.

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