Here and Haute

Hi everyone!

For a while now, I have felt like the name “Fashion by Ari” wasn’t fit for this blog anymore. I have expanded to posting beyond fashion topics, and I plan to share more lifestyle, beauty, design and travel content.

I created a mood board page on Instagram called “Here and Haute,” where I repost vintage, fashion and travel photos that represent a life I want to experience in the future. Each picture shares a new goal I want to accomplish, an ideal moment I hope to recreate or a new way of thinking. The feed on this account is purely creative expression, making me feel happy, motivated and more like myself. (Disclaimer: The photos on the feed are not mine unless stated otherwise. They belong to the #rg tagged account)

Because this page makes me so happy to curate and look back at, I have decided to rename my blog “Here and Haute.” I think it is the perfect fit, allowing me to discuss a wider range of topics. “Here” represents wherever I am at a given time. It refers to travel and living in the moment. “Haute” represents fashion, derived from the term haute couture, which although won’t be my main topic anymore is something I will continue to write about.

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