All About The Fit Magazine

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to share a new project that I have been working on,  The Fit Magazine!

The Fit Magazine is an online publication founded by Lehigh University women for college students everywhere! It will help you find your perfect fit to become your best self.

The Fit features fashion, beauty, fitness and college lifestyle content. Additionally, we collaborate with other brands and businesses to hold events such as workout, yoga and mindfulness classes.

We have extended our reach to other universities such as the University of Michigan, Indiana University, Colgate University, Cornell University and Boston University! It’s only been three weeks since our launch, and we plan to bring the magazine to many more universities in the future.

The six of us co-founders decided to put this project together just before the spread of coronavirus, and we used our time in quarantine to build it. Each of us had individually dreamed of creating a magazine, and we are beyond grateful for the growth its reached and the feedback we’ve received.

My role in this magazine is to be the outfit section editor. Because of this, I will be posting most of my fashion articles there instead of on this blog.  To see all of the articles I write for The Fit, click here.

Now you are probably wondering if I will continue to post on here, right?  The answer is yes, of course I will. Writing on this blog is an outlet for me because I love to share my thoughts, life updates and personal style. I also want to start posting more travel stories! Although I’ve started to write for other publications, I don’t plan on stopping this blog any time soon.

Follow the magazine on Instagram @thefitmagazine! We have so many ideas and can’t wait to see the magazine grow! 🙂

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