Life Update: May 2020

Hi everyone!

Now that my classes have ended for the semester, I’m going to put more focus into this blog and other projects that I’ve been working on. Here’s what I’ll be doing!

✰ I am now the multimedia editor for Lehigh’s student-run publication, The Brown and White, where I will be broadcasting and creating podcasts. This section is new to the paper, so starting this summer and continuing in the fall I will be helping develop it for future semesters.

✰ My book, Female Empowered Fashion, is expected to publish in July. Currently, I am editing the content and discussing book covers with the publishing company. I was planning to do a speaking tour, but due to coronavirus and social distancing regulations I won’t be able to.

✰ My friends and I created an online magazine, The Fit, for which I am the editor of the fashion “Outfit” section. My role is to manage this section, design the website, help manage its social media accounts, and create, budget and edit content.

✰ I am the campus editor-at-large from Lehigh University for Thrive Global. I write articles for this publication and edit articles of students from Lehigh who I recruit to write for the publication as well.

✰ In addition to writing this blog as a hobby, I want to start a YouTube channel. I’ve only posted one video so far, but I want to create more fashion and lifestyle content. This semester I wanted to highlight opportunities I have as a journalism student at Lehigh, but that plan was derailed when I was sent home due to the spread of coronavirus. Hopefully I will be able to share more about that next semester!

Although I don’t have an internship this summer, I have a lot of other projects to work on and keep me busy! If you want to stay updated on these projects, check out 🙂

UPDATE 6/15/20: I started a social media internship for MadeMan! I will be assisting the brand’s social media manager with the MadeMan and MadeMaam accounts. I’m excited for this opportunity to learn more about social media and marketing!

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