How to Dress for a Summer Day in NYC

The best part about going home for the summer is that I get to go back to New York. The city in the summer is better than any other time of year (except Christmas at Rockefeller Center, of course). But there’s something about sunny days that make me want to spend extra time walking around the city, and when I walk around the city I always try to look as fashionable as possible.

For this look, I wore a white cropped tank top from Top Shop and loose white shorts with a floral pattern from Hollister. My shoes were white-strap wedged flip flops by Tory Burch.

For a summer day in NYC, you want to wear an outfit that is casual and cute, but most importantly comfy. The loose shorts and tank top were perfect for walking around in the heat. My clothes weren’t sticking to me and I was free from sweat stains. The only mistake I made that day was wearing wedged flip flops. To be honest, I couldn’t even count the amount of times I tripped. This is an even bigger deal in NYC because you’ll most likely find yourself trying to rush across the street after every block.

So, the biggest rule I learned: wear flat shoes.

It’s always a great idea to dress cute when you go into the city because you never know what view you will find. And as we all know, dressing cute + good view = a photo op. that no one wants to miss.

On this day, my cousin and I met up for lunch in the city, and, as per usual, we both dressed up. Most of the time when we go to the city, we toss our plan aside and adventure out to find new sights or stores. It’s common to stumble upon a nice view almost anywhere you turn, and we found this perfect spot by the water.



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