Keeping it Stylish in San Diego; Outfit for a Day at Mission Beach and Sunset Cliffs


I went to visit my friend at the University of San Diego, and although it was my fourth time in the golden state, I acted like a tourist nonetheless.

The first thing we did once we got off the plane and dropped our bags off at her dorm was go to Mission Beach. Even though it wasn’t warm enough to swim, there’s a lot more to do there, such as walk around the shops and restaurants. I kept my outfit simple for this day, wearing a white spaghetti-strap tank top and blue ripped jeans. Over my outfit, I wore the Caramel Pixie Coat by I Am Gia. I have to admit, wearing this jacket in California, which is where I see most celebrities wear it, felt pretty good.


We ended the day at Sunset Cliffs, the perfect location to watch a sun rise or set in San Diego. As expected, my friends and I had a photoshoot in front of the sunset. The photos were for memories of course… and maybe to update our instagrams. By then, I had changed into a strapless red button-down crop top from pacsun.



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