My Dream Dress in Greece

“Omorfi!” That’s what all of the Greeks said when I arrived in my dress. “Beautiful!”

Of course they had nice things to say, they were all my relatives. But even so, I really did feel beautiful in this dress.

For so long, I looked for a dress that was elegant, but not overly conservative, that I could wear to any type of occasion. My search is finally over. I’ve worn this dress to events ranging from a christening in Greece to my sorority initiation in college. It has proven to be so useful, and more importantly, so dreamy.


This dress has an open-back and is patterned with white lace, which I found on shopbop.

The front of the dress reaches over my chest and it has short sleeves. This portion of the dress keeps the look conservative, but the back of the dress is left completely open, which hinders the conservative quality by being slightly revealing. The dress is also covered in patterns of white lace, which add a touch of elegance to the design.


With every dress, a girl needs a perfect pair of shoes to match. To complete this look, I wore Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals in patent leather.

I wore this dress in Rhodes, Greece, and I have never worn something that fit better. It fit me by size, yes, but also by my personal style. We all need that one dress that we can rely on to wear anywhere and always feel good in. For me, that is this dress.


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