Girl’s Night Out In NYC Outfit

Millions of people walk the streets of New York City each day, showing off their unique styles and freely using fashion to define themselves. This is what inspires me to dress up each time I go. Well, that and the fact that I grew up watching Gossip Girl. I’m sure many girls would agree, seeing Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen take over the city with their style was highly motivating.


Since I dressed up for a night out to dinner with friends, I went for a cute look that was still casual. Taking time and season into consideration, my outfit only consisted of dark colors.

  • On top I wore the “Out From Under Alexa Lettuce-Edge Cinched Top” from Urban Outfitters in the color dark purple.

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  • My jacket was the “Corduroy Vintage Trucker Jacket” by Pacsun in the color dark gray.

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  • My shoes were the “6-inch Basic Waterproof Leather Boots” by Timberland with a padded collar in the color black nubuck.

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  • I carried the “Leather Mini Bag” by Prada in the color black.

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Click Here to shop it!

A girls night out in New York City always starts with a fancy dinner. With all the options NYC has to offer, my friends and I try to eat at new restaurants whenever possible. On this night we chose to dine at The Smith Nomad.

The Smith Nomad Restaurant
S’mores Desert

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