Nine Fashion New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

This is going to be the year. The year I fix my style and the year I dress up all the time, not just some of the time.

That’s what I tell myself every year. And every year I go a couple of days looking nice before I resort back to wearing leggings and sweatshirts. Even worse, I continue buying cute clothes that I never seem to wear.

What I didn’t have to help me make these goals happen was a list of new year’s resolutions. I would tell myself to make my style better, but I wouldn’t have a plan to carry it out. This year will be different. This new year calls for a new approach to style.


1. Buy Less, Shop Smarter

You know that one purse or pair of shoes that you’ve wanted for so long, but haven’t bought yet because it’s out of your budget? I can sure think of a few items that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time. What you don’t know is that you can afford it. Instead of buying that item, you’re shopping for a ton of cheaper clothes and accessories under the illusion that you are saving rather than splurging. In reality, shopping adds up, and you are still spending more than you had originally planned. Instead of buying multiple items that you don’t need, save up for that one item you want the most.

Blair Waldorf via Gossip Girl


2. Wear More Color

Anyone else have a habit of wearing neutral colors, especially in the winter? I always find myself wearing black leggings, dark jeans, or grey sweatshirts. Even when I wear dresses, I usually choose the color black.

When I wear dark or neutral colors on cold and rainy days, I usually end up feeling tired and lazy. If I were to add some vibrant colors to my outfit, I think I would become a happier person. Brighter colors make me feel more positive and motivated, and if I wear more of them, I might just have a better, more productive day.

Olivia Jade Giannulli via Tiger Beat


3. Attend A Runway Show

I always see pictures and videos from runway shows in the media, but I want to experience going to one in person.

Versace Runway Show


4. Wear More Summer Dresses

I’m the type of person who will buy dresses, but not wear them out. I get too concerned that I will look “too dressy.” But if the weather is right and the look is casual enough, I shouldn’t have any problems wearing a dress. Maybe this will motivate me to see new places too. It’s always a good idea, and photo opportunity, to try a new location when you dress cute.

Madison Beer


5. Stop Wearing The Same Look

We all have a go-to look that everyone’s just seen enough of. It’s time to pack that outfit away and start wearing the items in our closets that we haven’t taken the tags off of yet.

This is one of my biggest problems. If I’m rushing to get ready in the morning or can’t decide on an outfit, I pull out the same few clothing items. This usually ends with me wearing black leggings, a sweatshirt, and my superstar adidas sneakers. Doesn’t sound so fashionable, does it?

This year I’m going to pick new go-to items, stop wearing the same ones too often, and start wearing the clothes I’ve been neglecting all along.

Sex and the City


6. Accessorize

I’ve come to realize that I don’t accessorize nearly as much as I should. I never wear hats (out of my irrational fear of hat hair), I wear the same two necklaces every day, and I mostly just wear rose gold.

This year, I will change my necklace selection, buy more silver and gold jewelry, and maybe even try wearing a hat.

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 8.34.26 PM.png
Jasmine Tookes and Romee Strijd


7. Plan My Outfits

A way to quit wearing my go-to outfit, stop resorting to leggings, and look stylish more often, is to start planning my outfits. By planning my outfit the night before I have to wake up early or go to an event, I won’t be forced to rush and create an outfit that morning. That way, I’ll be able to wear a more fashionable look.

Planned Outfits


8. Shop At New Stores

Finding new stores to shop at will help me try new looks and experiment with my style. By always shopping at the same stores, I tend to by clothes that are similar. This will help me change up my look and try new styles.

Store in New York


9. Stop Using Comfort As An Excuse

When we decide to have a lazy day and throw on a sweatshirt, we use the excuse that we want to be comfortable. Yes, comfort is important, but we don’t need to dress down for it. There are plenty of clothes that are comfortable and still fashionable.

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